Samsung Galaxy S9+ Insured Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector



Samsung Galaxy S9+ Insured Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector



Protect your Samsung Galaxy S9+ with a Black Ice+ Cornice Edition (Insured Curved Tempered Glass). It may seem like magic, but trust us, it’s the good kind. When you lay our custom formed Black Ice+ Cornice Edition over your freshly cleaned touch screen and press it into place it will bond to your phones curves, giving you the ultimate in premium glass protection. The optical grade tempered glass is incredibly strong, scratch resistant and treated to repel annoying smudges. We understand that accidents may still happen, but don’t worry, we have your back. If your phone screen breaks while being protected by your registered Black Ice + Cornice Edition just follow the simple steps enclosed to submit a warranty claim and we will send you a check to use towards the repair or replacement of your device. Black Ice + Cornice Edition is the only display guard that offers peace of mind like this, exclusively from Gadget Guard.

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This optical grade curved tempered glass is incredibly durable, scratch resistant and treated to repel smudges. We understand that accidents can still happen, which is why we created Black Ice+, the first screen protector on the market that offers up to £100 to go towards screen repair if your device screen breaks.

Black Ice+ Cornice Edition, insured tempered glass protection for everyday life.**

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Your screen protector is custom designed to fit your screen and maintain touch sensitivity while providing you with protection from bumps, scrapes and falls.

£100 Screen Insurance

£100 Screen Insurance*


Curved Edge Protection

Case Friendly

Case Friendly

Direct Impact Protection

Direct Impact Protection

Coated to Reduce Fingerprints & Smudges

Coated to Reduce Fingerprints

Tempered Glass Layers

Every layer of your Cornice tempered glass screen protector is formulated to provide your device with superior screen protection.

Cornice Tempered Glass Layers, screen protection, self healing, anti finger Print Coating, Optically Clear Adhesive


No need to grab any extra tools or supplies- we’ve got you covered with everything you need for a perfect, dust-free installation.

Your installation kit includes:

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curved glass whats in the box: screen protector, wet & dry wipes, cleaning cloth, dust removal tabs, protective guard, insurance registration instructions


Installation of your new screen protector is quick and easy. All you need is a clean dust-free screen, then align your protector to your screen's display, press on the edges and voila! You’re done! Now you're protected from any bumps and scrapes that may be coming your way.


Black Ice+ Cornice Edition covers against accidental damage to your device screen. If your device screen breaks while being protected by your registered Black Ice+ Cornice you will receive up to £100 to go towards the repair of your phone's screen. Register your Black Ice+ Cornice within 30 days or purchase, and you’re covered!

Learn more here:

Your PIN may be in one of two places depending on your packaging

*Screen insurance covers up to £100 screen repair reimbursement
** valid for US orders only

Black Ice plus Insurance Process


Your Gadget Guard product is made to last the life of your wireless device. Your guard is made to absorb the shock of a fall and keep your screen safe, which means your guard may break. If your guard cracks, breaks, becomes scratched or is otherwise damaged while protecting your device we will replace it!.

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£100 Screen protection warranty
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