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About Us

Gadget Guard has built a reputation over the years for quality products and superior customer service. Our manufacturing process has been honed to a science and we’re very proud of the products we sell. We use these guards to protect all our stuff and we give them to our friends and family whenever they buy a new gadget. If they politely decline we steal their new smartphone, or whatever it is and install a guard on it ourselves! Our management team has well over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry. We understand the need for a product that will protect against wear and tear, without sacrificing the look and feel of a device. We aim to meet that need and consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Mission

Gadget Guard recognizes the need to protect electronic gadgets of all types, from smartphones and tablets to mp3 players, laptops, cameras and gaming systems. Our mission is to design protective products for as many electronic gadgets as possible and make them readily available and affordable.